The IEL Exam Prep Programme


Intensive ‘O’ Level EL Exam Prep 

by a Qualified & Experienced Sec School EL Teachers

Would you like to learn the secrets to doing well in your ‘O’ Level English paper?

The Intensive ‘O’ Level EL Prep is an English Language programme that focuses on helping students prepare for the ‘O’ level exam paper with emphasis on the following:

  • Essay writing skills
  • Comprehension skills
  • Summary writing skills
  • Situational writing skills

The programme is open to: Secondary (2, 3 , 4 and 5)


RESULTS OF CLASS 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 (‘O’ levels)

2010 GCE ‘O’ Level EL results  - 83% of IEL students secured a minimum 1-grade improvement in their ‘O’ Level English Language results.

2011 GCE ‘O’ Level EL results - 80% of IEL students secured a minimum 1-grade improvement in their ‘O’ Level English Language results.

2012 GCE ‘O’ Level EL results – 81% of IEL students secured a minimum 1-grade improvement in their ‘O’ Level English Language results.

2013 GCE ‘O’ Level EL results (New Syllabus 1128) – 86% of IEL students secured a minimum 1-grade improvement in their ‘O’ Level English Language results. 30% obtained distinctions while 36% secured B3.



- One 2-hour lesson per week

  • Secondary 1
    • Sat (9.00 to 11.00am)
  • Secondary 2
    • Thu (4.00 to 6.00pm)
    • Sat (11.15am to 1.15pm)
  • Secondary 3
    • Thu (6.15 to 8.15pm)
    • Sat (11.15am to 1.15pm)
  • Secondary 4 Exp & 5 NA
    • Fri (6.15 to 8.15pm)
    • Sat (9.00 to 11.00am)


IEL Training Centre
52, Telok Blangah Road
Telok Blangah House
Singapore 098829


For more information, please contact Mrs Ng at 9338-5155

or email her at

Updated: 11 Jan 2014

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My IELP Experience

Joshua photo 2013-Joshua_zpse3ea8652.jpg

Joshua Immanuel Sjarifudin

Hai Sing Catholic High

(GCE ‘O’ 2013)

From C6 to A1

The day I attended Mrs Ng’s lesson, I knew that it was different from the ones that I have attended before. Equipped with years of experience, Mrs Ng brings the quality of her teaching to a whole new level.

Incorporating different strategies, Mrs Ng makes sure that her lessons are focused on skills that will help her students excel. As a result, her lessons are interesting. Notes provided are neat and filled with useful tips.

Under Mrs Ng’s care, any student as long he or she is willing to work hard, can attain an A1 for English so long as they use the strategies taught.

Before attending Mrs Ng’s lessons, I barely passed my English Language.  I am extremely pleased (with myself for the effort put in) and grateful (to Mrs Ng for sharing with us the secrets to scoring in the ‘O’ level English).

As long you do your part, together with Mrs Ng’s wealth of knowledge, scoring well in English, is a piece of cake.

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An Incredible Leap

David Lim photo 2013-DavidLim02_zps90a14366.jpg

David Samuel Lim

ACS (Barker)

(GCE ‘O’ 2013)

From C6 to A1 (English)

From C5 to A2 (Lit – Unseen Prose)

I would like to thank my English and Literature tuition teacher, Mrs Ng Mew Leng, for her tremendous care and guidance throughout my Secondary 4 year. Because of her, my English grade leapt from a borderline C6 to an incredible A1!  At the same time, my Combined Humanities / Lit Elective also showed a marked improvement from a mediocre C5 to an impressive A2!

In her classes, she taught me a myriad of skills covering the different aspects of the ‘O’ Level English Language examination – Oral, Editing, Situational writing, Continuous writing, Visual text, Comprehension and Summary Writing. Among the techniques taught, I find “+2/-2” one of the most effective.

Her lessons on effective analysis of the Unseen Passage have also worked wonders for me. I was taught different ways to analyse the Unseen text. Skills taught were reinforced through constant practice, as we were given new exercises every lesson and later guided through them. Furthermore, her tips on scoring well in the Unseen Section have proved useful to me when I sat for my Literature ‘O’ Level examination.

All in all, if you are looking for an effective and passionate English and Literature tuition teacher, Mrs Ng will be your best bet. Not only does she have a vast array of knowledge, she is also kind and caring. Mrs Ng’s classes will leave you well equipped with the tools needed to scale the foreboding mountain that is the English Language ‘O’ Level Examination. As someone who has survived the arduous journey, I can testify to this.  Words cannot express my gratitude towards the teacher who had helped me emerge from the depths of poor grades.

If you are in need of help for English or Literature, attend Mrs Ng’s classes NOW. You will not regret it!

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An Enjoyable Journey

 photo 2013-TayMingKiat02_zpsb0c175f3.jpg

Tay Ming Kiat

Bukit Merah Sec

(GCE ‘O’ 2013)

From C6 to B4

Thank you Mr and Mrs Ng, I am so glad to have scored a B4 for English in the GCE ‘O’ Level Examination . Before attending the IEL programme, I usually scored C6.

The Summary Question which requires one to locate and rephrase the main points was a challenge to me.  I tended to spend too much time on it.  Now, I no longer dread the summary question as well as the other comprehension questions.

Furthermore, Mrs Ng provided me with useful tips and notes on descriptive expressions that helped me “paint” a more colorful essay allowing me to score better. The Intensive English Language programme also helped expand my limited vocabulary, resulting in better written essays than before.  Not only that, each time Mrs Ng marked my essays, she would indicate where my mistakes were and explained why they were not acceptable.

Most importantly, Mrs Ng is an encouraging teacher who motivates her students to excel as well as live meaningful lives.  She makes learning English Language an enjoyable time for me. Thank you very much Mrs Ng!

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Twin Surprise

Nurfarahin photo 2013-Nurfarahin02_zpsc3871645.jpg

Daing Nurfarahin

Woodlands Sec

(GCE ‘O’ 2013)

From D7 to B3

My twin sister and I were introduced to the IEL programme a few months before the GCE ‘O’ level examination commenced in October. Applying the skills and strategies taught, I was very happy to note an amazing leap from D7 to B3!  Under the guidance of Mr Ng and Mrs Ng, I surpassed my expectation in the GCE ‘O’ Level English Paper.

If I had attended the programme earlier in January 2013, I believe my results would have been better. Who knows? I could have scored an ‘A’ for English! The skills and techniques taught on how to analyse and answer comprehension questions were very helpful and easy to apply. The writing skills taught enabled me to improve my essay writing skills.

I am very thankful to Mr and Mrs Ng for their encouragement and belief in me.  Without their help, I would not have been able to achieve such a good grade. Both Mr and Mrs Ng are very experienced and knowledgeable teachers and are passionate about helping their students.  I am very grateful to both of them for taking us in at short notice especially when we had lost hope and were struggling with English.

Nurfarahan photo 2013-Nurfarahan02_zpsf74a3f42.jpg

Daing Nurfarahan

Woodlands Sec

(GCE ‘O’ 2013)

From E8 to C6

The IEL programme helped me understand the English Language better. I became interested in English when I attended the IEL Programme. With the help and encouragement from Mr Ng and Mrs Ng, I managed to secure a C6 from a dismal E8.

The skills that I had learnt during the last few months before the final examination were worth it.  Applying the techniques and strategies taught, I managed to get a pass. I was struggling with the subject but Mr Ng’s teaching method was easy to understand. When I made any mistakes, Mr Ng would alert me to my mistakes and, at the same time, explain why my answers were not acceptable.

I would truly recommend this programme to anyone who wants to improve his English. Thank you so much Mr Ng and Mrs Ng!

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From Average to Distinction

Josiah Lim photo 2013-JosiahLim02_zpsc6fd6a22.jpg

Josiah Lim

St Andrew’s School

(GCE ‘O’ 2013)

B4 to A2

Before attending the Intensive English Language Programme, I found myself stagnating at grade B for English. However, under the guidance of Mr and Mrs Ng, I learnt many useful skills and strategies, that helped me improve my command in the English language. For example, they taught me ways to analyse questions systematically and then answering them accurately.

Also, I was taught several techniques that would help me secure a higher score in essay writing.  One of them was the use of different sentence structures.  I was also encouraged to use coherent expressions as well as to broaden the spectrum of my vocabulary. As a result, I was able to secure an A2 for English in my ‘O’ level examinations.

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A Fulfilling Learning Journey

Erica Kuo photo 2013-EricaKuo02_zps08f19ee9.jpg

Erica Kuo

Queenstown Sec School

(GCE ‘O’ 2013)

From B4 to A2

My grade used to hover between B4 to C6 before I attended the Intensive English Language Programme. After having gone through almost two years of lessons, I finally obtained an A2!   This has been a wonderfully fulfilling journey.

I strongly believe the reason for this exceptional result is because of the skills taught in this programme, Mr and Mrs Ng’s constant encouragement as well as the effort I have put in.

In this programme, I learnt many useful skills which were not taught in school. Many of us would think that reading and understanding a comprehension passage is very easy, however, this is not true. In particular, I learnt how to analyse the body language of the characters in a narrative passage better than before.  As a result, this has helped me answer questions accurately.

Besides comprehension skills, I also learnt 18 different ways to writing an interesting recount.  Many model essays were provided to highlight various features that we could use secure a high score.  Personally, I found this extremely helpful. I used to encounter difficulty not knowing how to begin and end an essay, hence, the tips provided were of great use to me.

Besides English, I also learnt many life lessons, making me a better person as well.  Thank you Mr and Mrs Ng for being my mentors!

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The BIG Leap!

Aden Lee photo 2013-Aden02_zps2430dc5f.jpg

Aden Lee

(GCE ‘O’ 2013)

Hai Sing Catholic High

From D7 to A1

After spending two months at a tuition centre near home, I realised that my English was not improving.  That was when my mother found Mrs Ng. Once, I was enrolled, I learnt many relevant and helpful skills from Day one in the Intensive English Language Programme.

For comprehension, I was taught the importance of highlighting keywords.  Also, I took my time to understand the passage, identifying key ideas with the help of signposts.  One of the most important skills is to identify the types of comprehension questions and the respective strategies in answering them.  I distinctly remember the  +2/-2 method which helped me locate the relevant answers quickly, saving me much time.

Also, I found the 8-page handout with numerous descriptive expressions helped me in my writing of the personal recount for the ‘O’ level examination.  All in all, these expressions helped me improve my written expression immensely.

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